Quantity Surveying

As a professional and an expert, the Quantity Surveyor applies the necessary and effective cost monitoring to a project so that the client obtains optimum value for the money invested.

His early appointment, even from the very concept of a scheme or design, allows the client, architect and engineer the benefit of his specialist advice on construction price levels enabling the establishment of realistic budgets, design solution and cost monitoring.

Involvement extends to contractual advice and matters of claims which can be settled by negotiation or referred to arbitration.

Full construction cost consultancy services including:

  • Preliminary cost advice.
  • Approximate estimates.
  • Cost planning of design and alternatives.
  • Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Selection of contractors and obtaining tenders.
  • Valuation of work in progress.
  • Cost management and final account settlement.